Take Care!

Taking Care of you with Quality Safety Gear – it’s what we do!

At Elliotts, it’s all about you - Taking Care of you while you're at work and ensuring you get home safely.

Elliotts are leaders in providing world-class safety protection and we are recognised for being forward thinkers with a focus on innovation and quality. That hasn’t changed over the years and is part of our DNA.

We are passionate about taking care in everything we do. Our dynamic and positive spirit to do the right thing by our staff, customers, partners and industry sets us apart and nourishes our capacity to deliver with certainty and to care without compromise.

Our comprehensive range of specialist safety gear includes Safety Gloves and Hand Protection, FR Clothing and Work Wear, Arcflash and Switching Clothing, Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles, Protective clothing for Firefighters, Chemical Hazmat and Chemical Splash Clothing, Welding Apparel and Furnace Clothing, Hi Vis Clothing, Safety Vests, Wet Weather and Cold weather clothing, Welding Screens and Welding Curtains, Welding blankets and Drapes and much more.




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Cost Vs. Quality

When purchasing safety equipment and PPE don’t be tempted to make your decision based purely on price, because as the saying goes you’ll often ‘get what you paid for’. While you might be pleased to sa...

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Do you know, how to take care of your FR Workwear?

You purchase Flame Resistant (FR) Workwear to protect you. But how do you in turn protect your FR Workwear?

Caring for your FR clothing can help it last longer and continue to perform optimally for l...

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All you need to know about Arc Flash

Arc Flash Hazard is a subject that is undergoing increased discussion in today’s safety conscious environment. This is because an Arc Flash burn is the number one injury resulting from electrical ma...

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Are your High Vis Winter Garments Certified?


Most people associate winter with a warm cup of tea and a good book. However, when you work outside it means foggier mornings, earlier sunsets, and most importantly, lesser chance that you will b...

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Not all safety standards are legislated … so not all safety products keep your workers safe!


Many workplaces have strict PPE requirements that cover hearing, head and eye protection, and footwear, yet hand protection often gets overlooked 



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9 Ways to Communicate Safety in your Workplace


Employee safety should a priority in every workplace, and a subject that all workers should be well educated on. Workplace injuries not only cost employers money, they also decrease worker produc...

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