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Taking Care of you with Quality Safety Gear – it’s what we do!


At Elliotts, it’s all about you - Taking Care of you while you're at work and ensuring you get home safely.


Elliotts are leaders in providing world-class safety protection and we are recognised for being forward thinkers with a focus on innovation and quality. That hasn’t changed over the years and is part of our DNA.


We are passionate about taking care in everything we do. Our dynamic and positive spirit to do the right thing by our staff, customers, partners and industry sets us apart and nourishes our capacity to deliver with certainty and to care without compromise.


Our comprehensive range of specialist safety gear includes Safety Gloves and Hand Protection, FR Clothing and Work Wear, Arcflash and Switching Clothing, Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles, Protective clothing for Firefighters, Chemical Hazmat and Chemical Splash Clothing, Welding Apparel and Furnace Clothing, Hi Vis Clothing, Safety Vests, Wet Weather and Cold weather clothing, Welding Screens and Welding Curtains, Welding blankets and Drapes and much more.




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G-Flex Dynamax C5 AirTouch Technical Safety Gloves

The G-Flex Dynamax® C5 AirTouch liner offers the highest cut level 5 protection while also featuring 'Finger Dip' technology, giving total ventilation to the back of the hand.



Western Rigger® C5 Safety Gloves

The Western Rigger® C5 offers the feel and durability of the premium Western Rigger® with Cut Level 5 protection and a pull tab for a secure fit.
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Meet the Team: David Black - Regional Sales Manager

Get to know David Black, our Regional Sales Manager for Victoria & Tasmania at Elliotts Australia! David tells of his past experience in the safety industry, his favourite Elliotts product, his focus in his current position at Elliotts, and his hobbies and interests outside work!

Difference Between Primary and Secondary Protective Clothing Read More
Difference Between Primary and Secondary Protective Clothing

Foundries can be dangerous places, but they are not uniformly so. A worker is at more risk while pouring molten metal than they are while walking around a quieter area, and safety regulations account for this by requiring more protective layers. Foundry protective clothing can be grouped into two categories: primary protective clothing and secondary protective clothing.

The Difference between Welding Blankets and Drapes Read More
The Difference between Welding Blankets and Drapes

Elliotts has a wide range of products designed to protect workers and their equipment from the hazards associated with welding/fabrication processes. With so many options to choose between — each of which have been manufactured from high-quality temperature resistant fabrics — it is understandable to be overwhelmed by the options. Fortunately, the difference between welding blankets and drapes is ...

Protection Fits Like a Glove: Choosing the Perfect Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves Read More
Protection Fits Like a Glove: Choosing the Perfect Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves

Not every type of heat resistance is built for the same context. Some gloves are better for long contact with heat, while others are designed to handle boiling liquids. Choosing the right type is important and, to help you keep safe, we’ve designed this simple checklist to consider.

Elliotts New Foundry Materials Read More
Elliotts New Foundry Materials

In foundries where workers are exposed to extreme heat and harsh environments, effective PPE is paramount. There is a range of fabrics and materials designed for use in the industry. We have put together a roundup of the most appropriate materials and their benefits.

Compliant Vs Certified Gloves Read More
Compliant Vs Certified Gloves

Hand and wrist injuries are one of the most common work-related injuries, so it is easy to see why adequate hand protection is so important! At Elliotts, we believe in lifting the standard on hand protection and supporting organisations in ensuring their workers are safe. To this end, we have put together some information on what makes safety gloves certified versus compliant, and why it is so imp...