Take Care!

Taking Care of you with Quality Safety Gear – it’s what we do!

At Elliotts, it’s all about you - Taking Care of you while you're at work and ensuring you get home safely.

Elliotts are leaders in providing world-class safety protection and we are recognised for being forward thinkers with a focus on innovation and quality. That hasn’t changed over the years and is part of our DNA.

We are passionate about taking care in everything we do. Our dynamic and positive spirit to do the right thing by our staff, customers, partners and industry sets us apart and nourishes our capacity to deliver with certainty and to care without compromise.

Our comprehensive range of specialist safety gear includes Safety Gloves and Hand Protection, FR Clothing and Work Wear, Arcflash and Switching Clothing, Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles, Protective clothing for Firefighters, Chemical Hazmat and Chemical Splash Clothing, Welding Apparel and Furnace Clothing, Hi Vis Clothing, Safety Vests, Wet Weather and Cold weather clothing, Welding Screens and Welding Curtains, Welding blankets and Drapes and much more.




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7 Steps to create a PPE Program that Really Works

PPE Program that Really Works

The purpose of a PPE program is to protect your employees by ensuring that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided, used, and maintained in a reliable condition whenever it is necessary due ...

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Have a Safe Christmas

Have a Safe Christmas



With the festive season just around the corner, most Australians turn their minds to decorations and Christmas parties. For many of us, that means doubling our power bills hanging lights in ev...

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We are Hiring - Regional Manager Western Australia


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Should Metal Closures be used in Arc Rated Clothing

The question of whether metal closures should be used on arc rated clothing is raised regularly by end users especially in relation to zippers and press studs. Hugh Hoagland from e-Hazard in the US re...

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Heat Resistant Gloves - The difference between Contact Heat Gloves & Radiant Heat Gloves.


Both contact and radiant heat resistant gloves are frequently used in the foundry industry, where workers are constantly exposed to materials that exceed thousands of degrees in temperature. Whilst...

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When working in a foundry environment, operators are exposed to an array of hazardous chemicals. Chemicals, in this instance include any hazardous substances, dangerous goods and combustible liquids t...

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