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Back Support Belt

Elliotts Back Support Belt. Protective workwear that delivers lumbar and abdominal support and helps equalise strains away from lower back, reinforces proper lifting techniques, and helps reduce injuries and speeds recovery.

Shin Guard - Chrome Leather with Plastic Inserts

Chrome Leather Legging heavy duty plastic inserts. Velcro closure

Calico Spray Hood

Calico Spray Hood with elasticised face.

Shin Guard - Denim/Foam

Shin Guards cotton drill outer, foam lined. Velcro fastened

Straw Hat with Orange Band

Natural straw wide-brimmed hat with lined brim.

High Vis Broad Brim Hat

High Visibility Broad Brim Hat

Detachable Hard Hat Brim

Detachable Hard Hat Brim available in various colours. Plastic brim maintains shape in wet weather. Available in Orange, Green, Navy Blue and Yellow