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The BIG RED High Visibility Welders Jacket

The BIG RED® Welders Jacket with Silver FR Reflective Trim has been designed with an extended back for additional protection, Hook and Loop side closure, an inside breast pocket and leather/Hook and Loop cuff tabs.

The BIG RED Welders Jacket

Designed with an extended back for additional protection, especially if you’re bending over to access a difficult weld. The front closure is "off centre" away from high wear areas where it does not get in your way. Wear seams are welted for additional protection and all seams are sewn with heat resistant Kevlar® thread for extra durability.

The BIG RED Leather Welding Apron - Bib Style

The BIG RED® Welding Apron manufactured from soft, premium selected butt BIG RED® Leather, includes leather straps for additional durability, adjustable for the perfect fit.

The BIG RED® XT Welding Glove

The Big Red® XT has all the features of the famous Big Red® extended to a total length of 680mm for serious lower and upper arm protection.

Welding Cushions - Big Red Leather

The Welding Cushion is designed to provide comfort and protection and prevent fatigue while performing extensive welding.

Cable Covers - Big Red Leather

Protect and extend the life of your welding torch cables from damaging spatter and dross.