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Managing fatigue in the workplace

Lack of sleep can make people grouchy and slow to react…but did you know it could also put your worker’s life at risk? Countless studies have found that sleepiness behind the wheel is almost as bad as drinking and driving. What is less well publicised is the role fatigue plays on other types of accidents -  particularly in the workplace.

Meet the Team - James Howland

Name: James Howland

Position: Queensland Regional Manager 

Do you have past experience within the safety/PPE industry? If so, where and how long?? 

I have experience selling Safety and PPE in my pr...

Mental health in FIFO Workplaces

In Australia, suicide is the number one killer of men aged between 15-44, taking twice as many lives as road accidents. Because of this alarming statistic we have seen a greater push especially with...

Keeping safe in Summer

Summer is just around the corner! While many of us will be looking forward to holidays, beach trips, and ice -cold beers after work, it’s also the time of year when we need to take extra precautions...

Meet the Team – Mark Pollard

Mark Pollard

Mark Pollard

Job Title: Western Region Manager

Your Role: My role as the Western Region Manager is to service all customers being distributors to end users with all their enquiries for Elliotts’...

Meet the Team - Brad Hawkins

 Name: Brad Hawkins

Job Title: National Business Development Manager

Your role: The Greater part my role is to educate Elliott’s client base and the general public about the benefits of using the ...