All You Need to Know About Arc Flash

Arc Flash Hazard is a subject that is undergoing increased discussion in today’s safety conscious environment. This is because an Arc Flash burn is the number one injury resulting from electrical malfunctions. So we have answered a number of pertinent questions for our readers.

Our New ArcFit 14™ Face Shield

Introducing Elliotts New ArcFit Face Shield

We are excited to announce our newest addition to Elliott’s product offering, the ArcFit 14™ Face Shield.


ARCFit 14 Face Shield


Face Shield Features

The new design fea...

Electrical Arc Faceshields from Elliotts

Electrical Arc Flash Protective Faceshields

Arc flash protective faceshields are critically important in keeping electrical workers safe in low voltage environments where workers are required to we...

PPE Guidelines for Electrical Workers

Guidelines on PPE to worn by Electrical Workers detailed in AS/NZS 4836:2011

The Australian and New Zealand electrical industry has until recently relied on ENA NENS 09-2006 for guidelines on the sel...