Who is responsible for PPE?

What do industry standards say about PPE? The selection, use, and maintenance for Electrical Arc Hazards is managed by NENS09. But who is responsible for making sure garments meet expectations – employee or employer? What are the responsibilities of the employee and employer?  Continue reading to find out the laws and standards governing the use and care of PPE clothing.

5 tips to make workplace safety your New Year priority

As another year begins, it’s a good time to stop and reflect on last year's workplace’s health and safety procedures and ensure that you are ready for the approaching year's work.

To help make sure t...

Women’s Workwear – why unisex designs just won’t cut it!

Flame resistant clothing has traditionally been designed two ways; for men or for unisex. Elliotts however, has a range of sizing to suit women who are entering this “man’s world” with FR clothing spe...