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Hot Threads: TecaSafe Plus Wildland Protection.

firefighter in a bushfire

Innovative Material For Firefighting Protective Clothing

We know that firefighters are continually exposed to a broad range of extreme hazards on a daily basis including: high heat and flames, mo...

Be Bushfire Ready!

Fire Safety Tips For Summer

Having a social media presence is necessary today for any business.  However, at times it can be a “hungry beast” as finding new content that is both engaging and builds...

Meet the Team - Michael Greenup

Michael-GreenupName: Michael Greenup

Job Title: Queensland Regional Manager

Your role: My main role is to collaborate closely with our distributors across Queensland and provide training and support where and wh...

THE HEAT IS ON – Summer Survival in PPE!

Wear Proper Workwear in Summer

The Heat is on

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about making sure you’ve got all the right gear to keep you safe from the harsh Australian sun. It’s t...