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NENS09 2014? What’s That All About?

New Standard for Arc Rated Workwear

Man smirking

Did you know that Energy Networks Australia  (ENA) have revised NENS 09? This month, changes to the National Guideline for the selection, use and maintenance of ...

Fluorescent vs Retroreflective, What’s The Difference?

Fluorescent vs Retroreflective – Is There Really a Difference?

Well, in short, yes!

If you work in the world of PPE and PPW, then the words ‘Fluorescent’ and ‘Retroreflective’ certainly aren’t new. ...

Weld Out That Water!

hi vis wet weather clothing

Making Wet Weather Clothing Watertight

Did you know that welded seams are a watertight way to ensure that your customers stay dry this winter?  This simple feature will change the way that you reco...