Blog posts of '2016' 'October'

Safe Work Procedures


For some industries such as welding and chemical, it may be obvious to associate risk with many, if not all of the jobs/tasks. However, not all industries have tasks that can be so obvious to assess such as  loading, unloading, packing, unpacking and handling goods may expose workers to back injuries. Safe Work Procedures ensure that all employees are aware of the issues/ potential hazards in their workplaces and outline how to avoid injury or illness while doing these tasks.

Impacts of mental health at work

Australians spend the majority of their waking lives at work, which is why a job is more than just an income. It provides us with a sense of connectedness, structure and purpose and allows us to feel a sense of achievement. According to The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, mental illness costs the Australian economy $20 billion, in loss of productivity and labour participation each year, and is the leading reason for absenteeism. By implementing a few simple steps to break down the stigma of mental health in the workplace, employers can expect to see major changes, resulting in increased employee confidence, reduced staff turnover and stronger team cohesion and relationships (just to name a few)! 

How to Manage Workplace Heat Stress


The human body is an amazing machine capable of achieving great things; however, it needs to be at a perfect balance at all times. A change in temperature, for example, means the body needs to adapt to survive.  Sometimes this is done smoothly – when in a higher room temperature, your body produces sweat and cools itself back down, but when you have extra factors affecting the body, such as mandatory protective gear that obstructs sweating, your body might overheat and collapse.  

Correct Heavy Lifting Procedure

According to Better Health Australia, 1 in 3 injuries to Australian workers are caused by incorrect manual handling. A manual handling injury can result from a load being lifted incorrectly, or lifted in an unsafe environment.

Five Injuries You Can Prevent by Wearing Gloves

Gloves are imperative in helping to minimize injury across an array of manual labor settings. Not only do gloves protect you from being exposed to on-the-job hazards, they also help to preserve your livelihood. Choosing the right set for the right task is critical, as no single pair can provide the adequate level of protection needed for every situation. To highlight just how imperative gloves are, here are 5 common injuries you can prevent by simply wearing the right gloves: