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Christmas holidays are nearly upon us, which means spare time to catch up on those tasks you’ve let slip through the cracks throughout the year.  With:

- 75% of DIY injuries occurring around the home while completing maintenance, gardening or vehicle maintenance.

- Males, being five times more likely to be involved in a DIY injury than females, and

- Power tools including grinders, buffers and polishers accounting for one-fifth of all DIY injuries.


Preventing Dehydration When Working in Hot Environments

Summer is officially here, and while there are those lucky few who can escape the temperature in air-conditioned vehicles and offices, many wor...

Use Safe Christmas Lights

It’s that time of the year when Christmas lights start to pop up all around your neighbourhood. Before you start decorating there are some important safety tips to be aware of, to ensure that your Christmas doesn’t end up in disaster.


GingerCloud’s Modified Rugby Program (MRP) has come a long way since launching in 2014. From 16 to 160 MRP Player & PlayerMentor participants, from 1 pilot team to 8 teams at 6 clubs, MRP is transform...

The History of Welding

Elliotts has been manufacturing safety gear for the welding industry for many years. To celebrate this achievement, we’ve decided to take a look at how welding has changed and improved through history.

Those who work in the welding industry would know that welding has a long history. But only few know that welding can be traced back as far at the Bronze age (3300-1200BC)!

Elliotts is always moving forward

Elliotts longest standing product is the Proban FR Cotton Welding Jacket range, introduced to the Australian market in late 1970’s. Proban finally offered our customers an alternative to traditional leather. While we had designed various kinds of leather garments to help reduce weight and improve comfort, we knew welders were looking for more, something cooler and lighter that still offered protection.