Blog posts of '2016' 'March'

9 Ways to Communicate Safety in your Workplace


Employee safety should a priority in every workplace, and a subject that all workers should be well educated on. Workplace injuries not only cost employers money, they also decrease worker productivity, cause workers to take long periods of leave, and in extreme cases of death can cause great heartache.

Update on GingerCloud and MRP.

We’re excited to give you an update of our charity of choice, GingerCloud Foundation. The GingerCloud Foundation runs a fantastic Modified Rugby Program (MRP) for boys and girls who learn and perceive...

Introducing the Pro-Tech 8 Titan AU, Firefighting Glove

Firefighting Protective Clothing

A New Firefighting Safety Gloves From Pro-Tech 8

The rugged Pro-Tech 8 Titan AU glove can satisfy any firefighter’s craving for dexterity, flexibility, grip, comfort and fit. Whether on a truck or ...

Wear The Right PPE For The Season

Wet Weather Clothing

Elliotts' Range of Wet Weather Clothing

As summer comes to an end, so does the storm season, but storms can occur anytime throughout the year. Anyone who works outside on a day-to-day basis knows t...

Para-Aramid Vs. Meta-Aramid Fibres

  Whilst Para Aramid and Meta Aramid fibres are both used in the production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), they are used for different products.