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Elliotts is not only a ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified company but has over 600 product certifications!

Managing Workplace Health and Safety Risks: the Hierarchy of Control

According to this Safe Work Australia factsheet, there are 4 steps that guide Workplace Health and Safety risk management. These have been developed to ensure maximum employee safety and effective risk control.

Are your eyes safe at work?

357,000 Australians don’t get to enjoy what most people take for granted – the gift of sight. Blindness occurs when damage is inflicted to the cornea (the transparent layer protecting the eye), retina (light sensitive tissue at the back of your eye), or nerve endings. 4% of blindness is caused by eye injury or trauma, and it’s safe to say that the majority of these 14,280 incidents were work-related.

Who is responsible for PPE?

What do industry standards say about PPE? The selection, use, and maintenance for Electrical Arc Hazards is managed by NENS09. But who is responsible for making sure garments meet expectations – employee or employer? What are the responsibilities of the employee and employer?  Continue reading to find out the laws and standards governing the use and care of PPE clothing.

Managing fatigue in the workplace

Lack of sleep can make people grouchy and slow to react…but did you know it could also put your worker’s life at risk? Countless studies have found that sleepiness behind the wheel is almost as bad as drinking and driving. What is less well publicised is the role fatigue plays on other types of accidents -  particularly in the workplace.

3 complaints about wearing gloves and how to overcome them

It is universally known that gloves are the frontline protection for the hands. In fact, statistics show that wearing protective gloves in industrial work reduces the risk of hand injury by up to 60 percent. Yet, getting employees to wear protective gloves proves to be one of the biggest challenges employers face. Why is this? Here are 3 the main complaints about wearing safety gloves and ways to address them.

GingerCloud Update

Plenty has happened over the past month and we are very excited to give you an update of our charity of choice, GingerCloud Foundation.