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The G-Flex range of gloves is built on a range of seamless liners giving a glove that is more comfortable to wear and fits better. Each glove is dipped to cover the palm and fingers leaving the back of the fingers and hand free of any coating. This allows the back of the hand to breathe and reducing the build-up of perspiration.

The G-Flex range also now offers the K-Guard® TPR Exoskeleton top of hand protection on selected styles. The K-Guard® TPR Exoskeleton is like "armour" for the top of your hand providing metacarpal, knuckle, and finger protection. The soft TPR components of the exoskeleton are engineered to provide padding and reduce the force of impact transmitted to the hand

The G-Flex range of technical safety gloves are the first in the world to be certified by SAI global to AS/NZS 2161.3:2005 Occupational protective gloves - Protection against mechanical risks



G-Flex Dynamax C5 Cut Resistant Gloves Range
The G-Flex Dynamax C5 range of gloves utilise the Dynamax glove liner. Dynamax is light weight engineered yarn that offers the highest levels of AS/NZS 2161.3 Cut Resistance - Level 5

Dynamax offers superior dexterity, high levels of comfort and is available with various dipped coatings, leather palms and The K-Guard® TPR Exoskeleton Top of Hand Protection to suit all requirements. See the G-Flex Dynamax Range.



G-Flex Technical Safety Gloves
The G-flex range of gloves includes the premium T-Touch coatings on ergonomic seamless liners which are available in various colour liners with and without The K-Guard® TPR Exoskeleton Top of Hand Protection. 

The G-Flex range also includes various dipped coatings including foamed nitrile, latex, nitrile, and PU. See the G-Flex Range.



ELLGARD Safety Gloves Range
The Ellgard range of synthetic nitrile gloves is a combination of various weights of dipped nitrile coatings on cotton cut and sewn liners with knit wrists or safety cuffs.

ELLGARD Nitrile Safety Gloves are ideal for handling abrasive materials such as castings, cores, tubular steel, barbed wire, sheet metal, timber, plywood, concrete blocks, bricks, and tiles. See the Ellgard Nitrile Range.


World First!  G-Flex Technical Gloves are now Certified by SAI Global to Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 2161.3:2005 Occupational protective gloves - Protection against mechanical risks.

Critical to ongoing product development is our commitment to manufacturing products to meet the requirements of Australian Standards and to have these products certified by an independent third party. 

This means our customers are guaranteed superior product performance across our entire range. It also means that workers use our products with confidence and peace of mind.

G-Flex Pictogram and Performance Levels

Learn more about SAI Global Certification and AS/NZS 2161.3:2005 Standards

Download the latest G-Flex Info Card AS/NZS 2161.2 - EN420 - Click Here