Ensure The Safety of Foundry Workers Handling Hazardous Substances

When working in a foundry environment, operators are exposed to an array of hazardous chemicals. Chemicals, in this instance, include any hazardous substances, dangerous goods and combustible liquids that are encountered by handling, moving or storing within the workplace.


Safety Data Sheet

To ensure chemicals are managed and controlled in the safest possible manner, the compulsory element to be presented by manufacturers and importers is a Safety Data Sheet (SDS). SDS is a regulation document that outlines in detail the properties of each hazardous chemical that can be found on a worksite, in addition to the effects that each chemical compound can have on an individual’s health and safety. The SDS holds the role of accelerating the risk assessment procedure by providing the most appropriate control measures when dealing with hazardous chemical. It outlines in detail, the appearance, physical attributes, causation, and symptoms of chemicals which are encountered during the foundry process.


Chemicals in the Foundry

Industry-specific chemicals that are commonly found in a foundry workplace include:

-          Amines

-          Benzene

-          Hexachloroethane

-          Ammonia

-          Epoxy Resins

-          Formaldehyde

-          Furfuryl Alcohol

-          Isocyanates

-          Mould Release Paints

-          Protective Coatings

-          Phenol

-          Crystalline Silica


Health Effects of Foundry Chemicals

When working in close proximities to chemicals of such a dangerous and unpredictable nature, it is of vital importance to ensure a safe as possible working environment with minimal risk for workers. Hazardous chemicals can create health dangers in a workplace, for instance typical environment factors such as fire or explosion, in addition to short or long term health effects on a person physically. Health effects in this scenario include; headaches, nausea, fatigue, chemical burns, allergic dermatitis, asthma, irritation in the respiratory tract and all harmful effects on an individual's central nervous system.

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