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WAKATAC Proban Welding Sleeves with Yoke

The WAKATAC® welding sleeves with yoke is made from flame resistant WAKATAC® Proban® and equipped with a press stud front closure.

WAKATAC Proban Welding Sleeves

The WAKATAC® welding sleeves are made from WAKATAC® Proban®. The sleeves have adjustable leather strap closures.

The GOLDEN CHIEF Premium Leather Welding Sleeves

The GOLDEN CHIEF® premium leather welder's sleeves are made from selected GOLDEN CHIEF® leather. The sleeves have adjustable webbing straps and all seams are sewn with heat resistant Kevlar® thread.

Chrome Leather Welding Sleeves With Yoke

The Elliotts Chrome Leather Welder's Sleeves with Front and Back Yoke. Made from heavy-duty fire resistant chrome split leather offering superb protection from abrasions, welding spatters and dross, and other welding hazards.

Chrome Leather Welding Sleeves

The Elliotts Chrome Leather Welding Sleeves is made using heavy-duty chrome split leather which is extremely durable, flame resistant and offers excellent protection from welding spatters and dross and other welding hazards.

The BIG RED Welder's Sleeves with Yoke

The BIG RED® leather welder's sleeves with front and back yoke, press stud closure, and Hook and Loop cuff tabs. Designed to give you protection for your arms and shoulders and is ideal for lighter welding or for very hot conditions.