Kevlar Attachment Straps

Brand: Elliotts
Kevlar Attachment Straps with Cam Buckle and two aluminium carabineers. Length 1800mm.
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What is an Arc Suppression Blankets? 

An Arc Suppression Blankets (ASB) is designed to be used in many electrical applications to protect workers who are stationed near energised electrical parts. ASBs are designed to reduce the danger from both thermal radiation from the arc flash and the pressure wave from the arc blast. 

How does an Arc Suppression Blanket Work? 

To combat arc flash, the Estex BlastMa ASB forces the arc to travel around the edges of the blanket before it reaches the worker, allows greater cooling because a plasma arc decreases in temperature as it moves further from the fault. 

BlastMat ASBs also have an ablative component to absorb a portion of the energy. In addition, effective ASB installation redirects most of the arc blast energy to a safe area, such as an open manhole.