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Taking Care of you with Quality Safety Gear – it’s what we do!


At Elliotts, it’s all about you - Taking Care of you while you're at work and ensuring you get home safely.


Elliotts are leaders in providing world-class safety protection and we are recognised for being forward thinkers with a focus on innovation and quality. That hasn’t changed over the years and is part of our DNA.


We are passionate about taking care in everything we do. Our dynamic and positive spirit to do the right thing by our staff, customers, partners and industry sets us apart and nourishes our capacity to deliver with certainty and to care without compromise.


Our comprehensive range of specialist safety clothing and gear includes Safety Gloves and Hand Protection, FR Clothing and Work Wear, Arcflash and Switching Clothing, Safety Glasses and Safety Goggles, Protective clothing for Firefighters, Chemical Hazmat and Chemical Splash Clothing, Welding Apparel and Furnace Clothing, Hi Vis Clothing, Safety Vests, Wet Weather and Cold weather clothing, Welding Screens and Welding Curtains, Welding blankets and Drapes and much more.




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Western Rigger® CR Cut Resistant Handling Glove

The Western Rigger® CR is a premium handling glove with the added protection of a highly cut resistant liner. The glove has been designed with Dynamax Cut 5/TDM F material offering full 360° Cut Protection with the highest dual standard cut resistance performance. The keystone thumb design provides high levels of comfort and dexterity. The premium grade leather offer a great balance between protection and durability without compromising dexterity, comfort and protection.

The BIG RED® Welders Jacket

The BIG RED® Welders Jacket has been designed for heavy duty welding. The Zip and Hook & Loop closure allows for quick and easy donning & doffing. All seams are sewn with heat resistant Aramid thread for extra durability.

The Original BIG RED® Welding Glove

The BIG RED® welding glove is famous in the Australasian welding market and sets the benchmark for professional welding gloves. The BIG RED® is designed for extra durability and comfort, we only use the highest quality leather and cotton liners. Now available in XSM - 3XL

WAKATAC Quarter Back Style Welding Jacket with Chrome Leather Sleeves

The WAKATAC® QuarterBack Welding Jacket has been designed using quality WAKATAC® Proban® and soft chrome leather.

ArcSafe X50 Arc Flash Lift Front Switching Hood

The ArcSafe® X50 Arc Flash Lift Front Switching Hood incorporates our new highly transparent ArcSafe Lift Front face shield. The hood provides the user with unmatched air ventilation and an easy way to effectively communicate with other teammates while maintaining safety on the job site. Simply grip the latch assembly located at the front of the shield, and lift the window. To lower the shield, just pull it back down into position.



Big Red® CRX Gloves

The Big Red® CRX is a premium professional welders glove with high dexterity and additional back of hand protection for high heat applications and a highly cut-resistant liner.
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Elliotts Welding Foot Protection Read More
Elliotts Welding Foot Protection

If you accidentally drop a piece of metal or sparks hit your feet, you will be in a world of hurt unless you aren’t prepared with the proper foot protection.

Leather Welding Spats are leather covers that go over your work shoes to help protect you from sparks that may fall on your feet. You will notice that some spats wrap entirely around your boot, while others go up your leg with coverings over...

OEKO-TEX® - What You Need To Know Read More
OEKO-TEX® - What You Need To Know

When looking for work clothes, you always want to ensure that it is certified to Australian and New Zealand Standards, to ensure that it meets the needs of your job. However, not everyone considers what may actually be in the fabric of their protective gear or how it could be affecting their health. This is where the Okeo-Tex Standard 100 comes in…

Always Wear Appropriate PPE with Handling Liquid Nitrogen Read More
Always Wear Appropriate PPE with Handling Liquid Nitrogen

Last month, there was an incident in Mackay where a worker received serious cryogenic burns after immersing his hands in a container of liquid nitrogen. WHS Qld inspectors found that the worker was not wearing the correct PPE for the task. 

Dangers of an ArcFlash Read More
Dangers of an ArcFlash

WorkSafe QLD’s latest arc flash safety film highlights the dangers of an arc flash, which can happen in an instant and can set fire to clothing, severely burn human skin, and even cause death.

Queensland currently holds the title for the highest number of arc flash incidents in Australia, with 47 serious incidents and one death in the last 11 years. As the video demonstrates, WorkSafe QLD are emp...

Picking the Right Elliotts Leg Protection Read More
Picking the Right Elliotts Leg Protection

Are you looking for additional protection for your legs on your next welding job? At Elliotts, we understand that some jobs require additional protection for yourself and/or your workers. We offer an extensive range of gear to suit all types of welding.

The Importance of Breathability in Arc Flash PPE Read More
The Importance of Breathability in Arc Flash PPE

For an electrical worker, enduring Australia’s humid climate is hard enough, let alone the thought of putting on a heavy arc flash suit and gloves. However, whenever a piece of electrical equipment breaks down, no matter how hot it is, workers still need to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).