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3 Complaints About Wearing Gloves and How to Overcome Them

3 Complaints About Wearing Gloves and How to Overcome Them

Common Reasons Why Workers Don't Wear Safety Gloves

It is universally known that gloves are the frontline protection for the hands. In fact, statistics show that wearing protective gloves in industrial work reduces the risk of hand injury by up to 60 per cent. Yet, getting employees to wear protective gloves proves to be one of the biggest challenges employers face. Why is this? Here are 3 the main complaints about wearing safety gloves and ways to address them.

1. "Wearing Gloves Makes My Hands Sweaty and Slippery"

Many workers feel that their gloves make their hands too hot and sweaty, hindering their ability to work. This is because some gloves are made of a material on the inside that holds the sweat against the skin.


G-Flex T-Touch High Visibility Safety GlovesElliotts’ Recommendation: To ensure that this does not happen to you, we recommend wearing gloves made of materials such as nylon or HPPE fibre which are designed to breathe and gloves that are designed to allow ventilation. This way the gloves either breathe well or take moisture away from the hands and allow ventilation and evaporation of sweat. Take for example our very own G-Flex Safety Gloves that are designed using a nylon seamless liner and finger dip technology to create back of hand ventilation.

2. "Gloves Are Too Bulky and I Can’t Do My Work"

When workers have to splice wires or handle small parts, they often find gloves too bulky and inconvenient. The main reason for this is because the safety gloves are either too small or too big.


Mec-Flex Utility Pro Safety GlovesElliotts’ Recommendation: A good rule of thumb is to view your safety gloves like a second skin. That is, properly fitted safety gloves follow the hand’s natural movement and can help reduce mechanical stress. Make sure you select from a glove range that has many size options like G-Flex and Mec-Flex Mechanics gloves.

3. "These Gloves Have No Grip"

When safety gloves do not allow workers to securely grasp objects, they will apply more force, which can result in fatigue and repetitive motion injuries (RMIs).


Elliotts’ Recommendation: Not all gloves are designed for grip, look for gloves that are specifically designed for grip like the Elliotts G-Flex Technical Safety Gloves use T-Touch coating to provide excellent grip, especially in oily and greasy condition.


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