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AFAC 2016 Wrap-Up

In case you missed it,  Elliotts recently attended the 2016 Australasian Fire Authorities Council Expo (AFAC). This is an expo held annually and gives manufacturers of Personal Protective Equipment, in the emergency services industry, the opportunity to display/demonstrate their products.


This year, along with a brand new stand, Elliotts added a very special attraction of three pinball machines, to its stand!   It was a chance for young and old to show their pinball talents to battle it out for one of three world-famous bottles of Grange valued at over $750. At the end of the expo, the highest scoring machine had a score of over 50,000,000!


Elliotts also took this opportunity to showcase its latest addition to the Pro-Tech structural glove family – The Pro-Tech 8 Evolution glove. It is a structural firefighting glove compliant and certified to NFPA 1971-2013.  The best choice for the Fire Academy, Training and heavy use the gloves feature cut level 8 knuckle guard system providing superior cut resistance and radiant heat protection as well as maximum dexterity due to the materials and stitching used in this firefighting glove. 


The stand was divided into three different areas. Wet weather, structural firefighting and wildlands firefighting. There were also structural Pro-Tech gloves and Mec-Flex rescue gloves on display.


Elliotts strives to always be the best and this means creating products to the highest possible quality. Each of our products are certified to the following SAI Global Standards:

-          structural firefighting gear is certified to AS/NZS 4967:2009,

-          wildlands firefighting gear is certified to AS/NZS 4824:2006,

-          wet weather clothing is certified to AS4602.1:2011,

-          Pro-Tech gloves are certified to AS/NZS 2161.6:2014 and,

-          (Mec-Flex) Rescue Gloves are certified to AS/NZS 2161.3:2005.


However, this level of quality is only achievable because Elliotts continually works with a large number of suppliers, both locally and internationally to continue to be innovative and exceed the standards PPE. A special thanks to the following companies who allow Elliotts to continue making its emergency services products:

-          Tecasafe plus and Gemini XTL by Tencate

-          PBI Max by Safety Components

-          Nomex and Nomex 3DP by Dupont

-          Pro-tech Gloves

-          Karvin by Estambril International

-          Eco-dry by Hainsworth


Using these materials, Elliotts currently manufacture a range of products for the SES, Ambulance, Fire and Police Departments. 


This year’s Expo was a great success for Elliotts and we had lots of fun while educating delegates on our products and new innovations   We look forward to next year’s AFAC Expo where the pinball machines may just have to make another appearance are looking forward to AFAC 2017. 

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