Aluminised Furnace Hood

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Elliotts FHD1GV Aluminised Furnace Hood. Available in 5 different unlined aluminised materials.
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Standard ISO 11612

FHD1GV Aluminised Furnace Hood

Elliotts FHD1GV aluminised furnace hood is designed to protect the head and upper body in heavy-duty furnace environments where protection from high radiant heat, sparks and slag is required. Available in 5 different fabric options.


  • Full head, neck, shoulder and chest protection.
  • Integrated hard hat, aluminised frame with gold heat reflective visor
  • Replaceable integrated Visor (310mm wide x 165mm high reflective visor)
  • Underarm straps to ensure hood stays in place when bending over

Material Options:

This jacket is available in 5 different unlined aluminised materials:

  • CX407 - Carbon X - 407gm2
  • CA340 - Aluminised Carbon / Aramid - 340gm2
  • CA515 - Aluminised Carbon / Aramid - 515gm2
  • PR720 - Aluminised Preox (Pro-oxidised acrylic) - 720gms
  • AR530 - Aluminised Aramid - 530gms

Standards and Performance:

Foundry work such as charging, taping and pouring molten metal can expose workers to dangerous thermal hazards and burn injuries. Elliotts range of Foundry PPE is either manufactured to meet the requirements of ISO 11612:2015 Protective Clothing - Clothing to protect again heat and flame or is made of materials independently tested to meet the standard.

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Products specifications
Standard ISO 11612