ARC FLASH & FIRE HAZARD PROTECTION day, workers around the world are risking their lives as they are exposed to the risk of flash fire, electrical arc flash and molten metal splash. In the split second when such a dangerous situation does occur providing the right FR clothing can make the difference between avoiding a disaster involving serious injury or death.

Molten metal, arc flash and fire are not part of some visit to hell and back, but a real workplace safety hazard faced by workers in metals, electrical, welding, oil & chemical industries.
For people working in environments where they are exposed to sparks, molten metal and flash fires they are presented with the daily possibility of serious injury or even death. FR clothing does not ignite and continue to burn and essentially can save lives. If you are a welder, work around molten metal, electrical utilities, oil & gas or anywhere where there is a risk of your clothing catching fire you should be wearing FR Clothing.
Arc Flash hazards are a critical and unavoidable safety issue for electrical workers. An Arc Flash is an electrical current that is passed through air when insulation or isolation between electrified conductors is no longer sufficient to withstand the applied voltage. A flash incident is rapid and immediate and as a result, each year, significant numbers of workers worldwide are maimed or killed from Arc Flash exposure.
At Elliotts, we recommend that FR clothing should be standard for any employee working on or near energized electrical systems. This will ensure that workers clothing offers protection from an arc flash exposure rather than producing an additional hazard. The clothing must offer maximum protection while ensuring the worker is comfortable.
Arc Flash, FR clothing and other PPE should be provided as a last line of defence in the event there is an accident and to ensure workers are protected from harm which can result in severe injury or even death.
Elliotts manufactures and customises a large range of industry specific  FR “Flame Resistant” and Arc Flash Protective Clothing specifically for the Australasian Market. There are many brands of Arc Flash or Switching clothing being imported into Australia that are produced in either the USA or Europe. Elliotts Arc Flash Protective Clothing is manufactured in Australia for Australasian Conditions.
Elliotts Arc Flash or Switching clothing is manufactured from Banwear or UltraSoft materials and are available in Coats, Hoods and Leggings. Our stock range of hoods, coats and leggings are made from high visibility orange materials. Each garment meets the requirements of NFPA 70E and the jackets have been certified to AS/NZS 4602:1999 High Visibility Safety Garments by SAI Global.
Elliotts Quality Safety Gear Range includes:
- Arc Flash Protective Apparel - FR Protective Workwear
- Safety Eyewear   - Chem-tech Workwear
- Firefighting Apparel   - Furnace Protection
- Chemical Hazmat ONESuit - Vector Shield
- Welding Apparel   - Welding Protection
- Safety Gloves   - Welding Gloves & Eyewear

Elliotts quality Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are proven on-the-job every day. They are specified routinely for and by workers in metal, petrochemical, mining, emergency services, construction and other industries where hazards exist. These reliable and popular products are part of a comprehensive range evolved over time and based on the common foundation of quality and care for which the company has built its reputation.
Elliotts quality safety gear allows you to take care in any situation.