Arc Flash Technical Conference

 Elliotts Arcflash Conference Aug 2013The 2013 Arc Flash Technical conference will bring together experienced ArcFlash and Electrical professionals to present papers, technical information and case studies on the latest practical solutions for dealing with Arc Flash safety in the chemical, energy, mining and manufacturing industries.

Elliotts David O’Connor, Speciality Apparel Business Development Manager will be presenting the latest in arc flash standards and the practical application in selecting correct arc flash safety gear.

The presentation reviews the basic standards for arc rated apparel and the implications these standards have on the selection of appropriate safety clothing and PPE for end users.

David will also look at the practical considerations to take into account when choosing Arc Flash Apparel including types of fire resistant fabrics, thermal protective performance of fabrics, fit, comfort, durability, laundering and overall cost of ownership.

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Elliotts is a quality endorsed company with many of its products certified to specific standards applying to protective clothing and equipment. This means our customers are guaranteed superior product performance across our entire range. It also means that workers use our products with confidence and peace of mind.