ArcSafe Electrical Arc Flash Faceshields

Electrical Arc Flash Protective Faceshields

Arc Flash Face Shield Kit - Helmet and Visor

Arc flash protective faceshields are critically important in keeping electrical workers safe in low voltage environments where workers are required to wear ArcSafe Apparel and ArcSafe faceshields. Arc flash accidents can cause serious injuries or kill. The casualties resulting from these accidents are almost always devastating to the worker involved and to the worker's family.

What is an Arc Flash Hazard?

An arc flash hazard is a dangerous condition associated with the release of energy caused by an electric arc. This explosive condition includes a broad spectrum of electromagnetic energy, plasma, fragments and a spray of molten materials.

When an electric current passes through the air between ungrounded conductors or between ungrounded and grounded conductors. Temperatures can reach 35,000 degree Fahrenheit making exposure to this extreme thermal energy hazardous.

What standards should your Arc Flash protective garments comply to?

Arc Flash protective clothing should only be sourced from experienced manufacturers who have invested in independent testing of their garment systems. NFPA 70E is the most widely adopted standard, which provides the guidelines on HRC ratings that protective clothing should meet. The protective clothing should then be tested to two standards.

  • Hoods and faceshields: ASTM F2178-08 Standard Test Method for Determining the Arc Rating and Standard Specification for Eye or Face Protective Products 
  • Garments: ASTM F2621-06 Standard Practice for Determining Response Characteristics and Design Integrity of Arc Rated Finished Products in an Electric Arc Exposure

The ArcSafe Elvex 12cal/cm2 Arc faceshields are a Molded polycarbonate faceshield providing full wrap protection.  Available in various ArcSafe kits and as a separate face shield.

Key Benefits of Elliotts ArcSafe Elvex Faceshields & Kits

  • All ArcSafe Elvex Arc shields are tested and certified at Kinectrics High Current Laboratory.
  • ArcSafe Elvex's faceshields are proprietary designs, molded of polycarbonate material with special absorbers and made to an industry leading thickness for maximum thermal and impact protection.
  • The shields are designed in light green to provide excellent visible light transmission (VLT).  Good color visibility is maintained.
  • Protection value (ATPV) for FS18ARC10 Shield is 10 cal/cm²
  • Protection value (ATPV) for FS20ARC10 Shield is 12 cal/cm². This model is equipped with chin cup.
  • Faceshields come with standard anti-fog coating
  • Faceshields available with Visor Bracket for mounting to various style safety caps
  • Complete kits available, consisting of helmet, visor, visor bracket and balaclava. 
  • The Elliott ArcSafe Balaclava is included in the 1250 kits and has an ATPV of 23.3 cal/cm2.


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