ArcSafe X50 Arc Flash Lift Front Switching Hood with ArcVents

Brand: ArcSafe
The ArcSafe® X50 Arc Flash Switching Hood with Arcvents incorporates our new highly transparent ArcSafe face shield. The hood provides the user with full colour recognition. This new fabric system is ideal for hot conditions and wicks moisture away from the body improving wearer comfort.
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ArcSafe X50 Arc Flash Lift Front Switching Hood with ArcVents EASCHLFX50AV

ArcSafe® X50 Arc Flash Lift Front Switching Hood with ArcVents

The ArcSafe® X50 Arc Flash Lift Front Switching Hood incorporates our new highly transparent ArcSafe Lift Front face shield. The hood provides the user with unmatched air ventilation and an easy way to effectively communicate with other teammates while maintaining safety on the job site. Simply grip the latch assembly located at the front of the shield, and lift the window. To lower the shield, just pull it back down into position.



  •        Outer Fabric: etek™ NXT™
  •        Lining Fabric: T-Gard® III Plus

Lift Front Design:

  • Allows easy and quick access to fresh air and release of built-up heat and carbon dioxide
  • Integrated hard hat
  • Ensures wearer is still wearing head protection

Face Shield – Highly Transparent Grey with Full Colour Recognition:

  • The grey-coloured highly transparent face shield allows for full-colour recognition
  • A large toric window ensures superior peripheral vision, reduces internal glare, can be worn with prescription glasses/ eyewear without distortion and reduces eye stress and strain.
  • Transparent chin protector allows the user a wide field of view, excellent downward vision and the ability to check one's footing.
  • The nanoparticle formula ensures the performance of the shield is not negatively affected when scratched
  • Abrasion-resistant coating on the front surface and a permanent anti-fog coating on the interior.


  • The hood includes front and side air vents for indirect ventilation when the face shield is closed
  • Improves wearer comfort and allows the release of built up heat and carbon dioxide.


  • Auditory ports allow for auditory communication through side ports and front ports when the face shield is closed.

Arcsafe® ArcVents:

  • Rear ArcVents can be added for additional ventilation, the release of heat and carbon dioxide and auditory communication improvement.


  • Arcsafe® Streamlight® Flashlight
    • The ArcSafe® Streamlight® Flashlight is designed to provide high-intensity illumination in low light areas or when working up close. Designed to be used with our ArcSafe® Light Front Hoods and ArcSafe® AmpShield Face Shields and comes with an articulated light mount. ATPV 65 cal/cm2
      • Flightlight-Thermoplastic, Lens-Polycarbonate, LED bulb
      • Uses 2 AAA batteries (included)
      • Push-button switch for easy one-handed operation
      • Light stays in place when the shield is lifted
      • Clips on right or left side

    Standards and Certification:

    • This ArcSafe® X50 Arc Flash protective garment has been independently tested by Kinectrics to ASTM F2178-08 Standard Test Method for Determining the Arc Rating and Standard Specification for Face Protective Products.
    • X50 Garments comply with the Personal Protective Equipment requirements of AS 4836:2011 Safe working on or near low-voltage electrical installations and equipment and ENA NENS 09 -2014  National Guideline for the Selection, Use and Maintenance of PPE for Electrical Arc Hazards - Arc Rated Garments and Hoods.
    • Meets Standards for Flame Resistant Fabrics - ASTM F1506 and NFPA 70E,
    • Arc Rating: ATPV - 52cal/cm; PPE4 (HRC4)


     ArcSafe Certifications and Standards


    IMPORTANT: NFPA 70E Compliance requires wearing of the whole system (3-piece) as ONE UNIT. 3 Pieces including hood/ coat / leggings or hood/ jacket/ bib & brace trousers. Once a garment has been exposed to an arc flash, it must be removed from service.


    • Remove fabric component from face shield components and follow Fabric/ Garment Care Instructions.
    • Wash face shield and other plastic components with a mild detergent and water. Rinse well and dry with soft cloth or chamois.

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