Care and Use / Warnings

The BlastMat Arc Suppression Blanket is a Special Device
and there are Special Care Requirements


Care and Use


BlastMat Arc Flash Suppression BlanketUltraviolet light found in the sun and in fluorescent lighting affect all Aramid fabrics and has a deteriorative effect on the blanket’s strength. Proper storage to prevent this effect is required. Always store blankets after they are thoroughly dry.


BlastMat Arc Suppression blankets can be laundered. Use normal detergents and rinse thoroughly. Water Temperature not to exceed 140 degrees F. Do Not Use Chlorine Bleaches. Tumble Dry on Delicate or Air Dry preferred.



Warning and Precautions


BlastMat Arc Suppression Blankets can only give limited protection because of the unpredictably of electrical discharges and may not fully contain the pressure wave, plasma arch flash or blast material but only reduce or dampen the explosive and incendiary effects. In such cases, injuries or even death may still occur, even if the blanket is properly used.


BlastMat Arc Suppression Blankets are designed for protection from the effects of an arching fault and is not classified as “Electrically Insulated” must never be used in this way.


BlastMat Arc Suppression Blankets, hardware and strapping should be visually inspected before each use and signs of wear or deterioration of the components or the stitching should cause the product to be disqualified for use. A user sponsored inspection and qualification program is recommended, serial numbers and production dates are provided with each blanket.



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