Elliotts showcases new innovations in Structural Fire Fighting Gloves at AFAC … and puts a challenge out to all Pinball lovers!


The annual Australia Fire and Emergency Conference, also known as AFAC attracts and showcases the latest developments in emergency services equipment and technology from around the globe to the Australasian region.

Introducing the Pro-Tech 8 Titan AU, Firefighting Glove
Introducing the Pro-Tech 8 Titan AU, Firefighting Glove

The rugged Pro-Tech 8 Titan AU glove can satisfy any firefighter’s craving for dexterity, flexibility, grip, comfort and fit. Whether on a truck or an engine, Pro-Tech 8 Titan AU will efficiently handle every fire ground task you are faced with, as well as basic motor vehicle extrication. 

Hot Threads: TecaSafe Plus Wildland Protection
Hot Threads: TecaSafe Plus Wildland Protection

We know that firefighters are continually exposed to a broad range of extreme hazards on a daily basis including: high heat and flames, molten materials, hot surfaces, harsh physical environments and possible exposure to chemicals and blood borne pathogens. So, we (at Elliotts) are always on the search for the best possible materials to protect these important members of our community.

For this reason, we now stock TenCate TecaSafe®Plus, which is the latest fabric innovation in bushfire fighting apparel in Australia. It combines the all-important fire resistant protection with never before experienced levels of comfort for the wearer.

Be Bushfire Ready!

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