Competition Crazy!

We all know that plumbing can be messy and sometimes dangerous work. However, when you think about what plumbing exposes to a tradesman’s hands? All those pipes, sharp objects and the “unknown” the need for a plumbing friendly glove becomes increasingly obvious!
For this reason, Elliotts and Master Plumbers Association WA ran a joint competition in January to introduce our Mec-Flex range to Association members. We asked readers to tell us in 25 words or less why they needed Mec-Flex gloves and the top two responses would receive their own pair of Mec – Flex gloves hand delivered by WA Manager Mark Pollard.
Check out Mark and our winners as they model their new gloves!

Steve Schubert – Ace Plumbing WA


Steve’s entry: “… Because there is nothing worse than your 3-year-old daughter looking at your ‘skinned’ knuckles and saying “Poor Daddy… Did you fall over?” Aww this entry simply won MPAWA and us over!
Grazed knuckles and cut palms are an everyday occurrence when plumbing and so we are excited to be able to gift Steve graze free knuckles in 2015. However, seeing that Ella was the true star in this entry we figured that she deserved a prize as well. So, congratulations Ella on your custom-made pink Elliotts jacket, manufactured in head office Brisbane.
We wish both Daddy and daughter a happy and safe 2015! Looking great guys!

Frank De Silva – Direct Plumbing WA


Sending in two “gnarly” images (too graphic to publish) along with his entry “I needed a pair of these glovesas I picked up a porcelain toilet and it shattered in my hand slicing open the back of my thumb. This left me needing surgery as a tendon and nerve were cut and damaged”. Certainly illistrated the need for PPW when working with sharp objects!
When meeting with Frank he assured Mark that is thumb is well on the mend – which we are glad to hear! Congratulations Frank on your new gloves, we are proud to know that your hands are now well protected with your new pair of Mec-Flex gloves!

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