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Design and Innovation

Design and Innovation

Revolutionising The Safety Equipment Industry

At Elliotts, innovation is at the front and centre of what we do. This is because we think outside of the box and pioneer new ideas that are maintained and developed until the unimaginable happens, and we create a new product. We are always asking “what’s next?” This simple question drives our continued focus on innovation in everything that we do, every day.

For 50 years, Elliotts has been thinking innovatively and designing new products…it is part of our DNA.

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Cooler and Lighter Welding Apparel

Did you know that in the 1970’s when Elliotts introduced Proban to welders in Australia it finally offered them an alternative to traditional leather? While we had designed various kinds of leather garments to help reduce weight and improve comfort we knew welders were looking for something cooler and lighter that still offered protection.


WAKATAC Proban Welding Jacket with Extended Back


Elliotts’ Proban Welding Apparel once again set the benchmark for a product category, the WAKATAC range with the original extended back and offset front closure raised the bar on design, protection and performance. We now offer the most comprehensive range of welding apparel in Australasia designed for all types of welding.

Changing The Welding Glove Market

In the 1980’s we challenged the status quo and completely changed the welding glove market with the introduction of the Big Red and Kevlar Blue. Welders were restricted to wearing either unlined or very basic gloves and buyers were focused on price. During the early 1980’s Elliotts developed both the Big Red and Kevlar Blue, gloves built on a foundation of quality, performance, improved protection and style. The Big Red and Kevlar Blue welding gloves are now famous in the Australasian welding market and continue to set the benchmark for professional welding gloves.


Original Big Red Welding Gloves Kevlar Blue Welding Gloves
Original Big Red Welding Gloves Kevlar Blue Welding Gloves


The reason why our products are consistently revolutionising the safety equipment industry is because we are always on the search for the best possible materials to protect our customers. We are not afraid to ask the hard questions and to look beyond current boundaries. We never stop looking for the most innovative products and processes and pioneering new ideas, because anything is possible!

As we say, What’s Next?


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