Elliotts Customised Safety Gear

Elliotts Quality Safety Gear & Specialist Custom Safety Gear

 In recent months Elliotts has boosted its existing Manufacturing and Design Capabilities to deal with the growing need for customised safety apparel into the Australian Market.

 Anthony Elliott quoted, "With our new Specialist apparel range about to be released we have seen a growing need from the safety market for quality customised safety gear, made to suit each worksite and their individual requirements.

We have invested heavily in the Elliotts Manufacturing and Design facilities at both our Brisbane and Fiji offices to ensure that the quality of our safety apparel is both high and made to the clients specifics in a time when we are seeing a majority of safety suppliers simply becoming importers and stockers of foreign products.

The Elliotts customised range includes a majority of our specialist products including Firefighting Apparel, ArcFlash Switching Apparel, ArcSafe Wet Weather, Chemical Splash Protection, Welding Apparel, Welding Workshop Safety and FR Workwear.

Our growth in specialist apparel has seen the introduction of the latest material technology from TenCate including Tecasafe plus and Gemini. Both of these materials are recognized globally as being the best FR protective materials for FR workwear, firefighting due to their inherent FR ability and soft touch nature.

The majority of Elliotts safety apparel has been customised at some stage to suit client requirements and is backed up by a quality safety gear range including gloves, welding apparel, workwear and safety PPE sourced from many international partners working across a large range of safety industries.

"Our goal has always been to provide the highest quality in all safety gear ranges, this sometimes means that we will not import a cheap inferior product simply to combat the market price. Our clients all work in industries where workers rely on the protective ability of our garments and this is why we provide quality safety gear and specialist custom safety gear to all our clients" Anthony Elliott

Elliotts is an Australian based designer, manufacturer and distributor of world-class quality safety gear servicing the Australasian market.  Elliotts take care to only supply quality protective clothing and equipment that protect people from harm on a daily basis. Products include Specialist Safety Apparel, Welding & Workshop Protection, Gloves & Hand Protection, Safety Workwear & PPE for workers across industries including ELECTRICAL, MINING, OIL & GAS, WELDING & METAL FABRICATION, ALUMINIUM SMELTING, FIRE FIGHTING, CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING & CONSTRUCTION. For more information visit