Elliotts gain Ethical Clothing Accreditation

Elliotts has recently become accredited to display the Ethical Clothing Australia trademark on their Australian-made garments.

Ethical Clothing Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that assists local clothing businesses to ensure that Australian workers making their garments receive fair wages and decent conditions. It does this through an accreditation and labelling system that provides consumers and buyers with a way to identify and support ethically-made Australian clothing.

By registering with Ethical Clothing Australia, Elliotts are committing to take certain steps to keep their Australian-based supply chain transparent and ensure that they and any sub-contractors are compliant with the relevant Australian laws.

Elliotts supply personal protective clothing to Defence, various emergency Services and Australiasian industry. A large portion of the Elliotts range is manufactured off-shore, however Elliotts have always been committed to manufacturing in Australia.

Managing Director, Anthony Elliott, said it is important to be able to satisfy your customers requirements and you must have a local manufacturing ability to compliment imported product.

"At Elliotts we have always been committed to our Brisbane manufacturing base and to ensuring we take care that everyone involved is receiving their legal wages and conditions. Ethical Clothing Accreditation gives our organisation the ability to have that philosopy formalised and ensures our continued good working relationship with the union." Mr Elliott said.

Ethical Clothing Accreditation