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Elliotts New Foundry Materials

Elliotts New Foundry Materials

A Roundup of the Most Appropriate Fabrics and Materials for Foundry PPE

In foundries where workers are exposed to extreme heat and harsh environments, effective PPE is paramount. There are a range of fabrics and materials designed for use in the industry. We have put together a roundup of the most appropriate materials and their benefits.


Reflespace technology is a unique aluminisation process offering the best molten metal splash protection today. The Reflespace range of aluminised fabrics incorporates the latest research and development to provide the ideal combination of protection, durability and comfort. This range of aluminised fabrics is specially designed for Personal Protective Equipment Level 4: “high risks and extreme exposure to radiant heat”.

TBA Aluminised Fabrics

Aluminised Foundry JacketTBA's aluminised fabrics are widely used to fabricate items of protective clothing such as gloves, mitts, aprons, jackets, trousers and fire proximity suits. These are used within the industry to protect workers from heat and welding splash. A variety of base fabrics can be offered depending on the application involved.

Carbon X Aluminised Fleece

Unlike other aluminised fabrics that can be rigid and heavy, CarbonX with Z-Flex Aluminisation enhances both protection and comfort for professionals working in molten-metal and high-heat environments. CarbonX aluminised solutions are flexible and lightweight yet still provide maximum temperature resistance and extraordinary protection against molten metal splash. In fact, they are among the lightest materials on the market able to pass the ASTM F955 pour test for molten iron and aluminium.

Non-Aluminised: Oasis Furnace Fabric

TenCate Oasis is an innovative protective fabric that offers incredible softness, has a lightweight feel and is flexible. It is designed to deliver premium protection against molten metal splash, radiant heat, flame and other smelting hazards. An outstanding value and the best choice among thermal resistant, metal-shedding fabrics, it has been chosen by leading aluminium manufacturers, worldwide, for its protection, comfort and durability.

Non-Aluminised: PR97 Furnace Fabric

PR97 is an internationally recognised leading brand of flame-retardant fabrics that are specifically designed to shed molten aluminium and molten iron splash to the International Performance Standard ISO 11612, without damage to the human skin, providing excellent protection with comfort for personnel exposed to these hazards.

WeldWool Foundry CoatPR97 fabrics are also very effective at shedding molten cryolite. PR97 fabrics provide protection against radiant heat, convective heat and electric arc flash.

Non-Aluminised: CarbonX Repel

CarbonX Repel is designed to defend against numerous hazards in one single garment. With a proprietary compound added to its fibre blend, Repel remarkably sheds molten metal, certain chemicals, flammable liquids and other molten substances while providing extraordinary protection against extreme heat and direct flame. Sparks and spatter simply roll off the woven material.

Non-Aluminised: Weld Wool

Because of the way the wool fibre is structured, wool requires more oxygen than is available in the air to become flammable. Wool is accordingly an excellent fibre when it comes to fire safety. Furthermore, it does not melt, drip or stick to the skin when it burns.

At Elliotts, we provide a range of PPE products in materials suitable for use in foundries. Browse through our range of Furnace Clothing - HERE.


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