Extreme Cold Safety Protection

Cryoskin Safety Aprons & Gloves

This month, following the release of the latest Cryoskin fabric essential for protection in extreme cold environments, Elliotts announced the upgrade of their range of Cryoskin gloves and aprons, designed to provide protection when working with liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic hazards.

According to Elliotts Managing Director Anthony Elliott, this new range improved cut and abrasion resistance.

"This new material now includes a Kevlar backing material which offers superior cut and abrasion resistance protection for workplaces where operations include handling cryogenic valves, supply cylinders and hoses, compressed gas filling and delivery, liquid nitrogen environments, cold rooms, dry ice handling, ultra low and blast cryogenic freezers," said Anthony Elliott.

"The only noticeable change in regards to the new material is the colour, which is now a dark charcoal with a textured ribbed finish for extra grip," he said.

The Elliotts Cryoskin gloves and aprons are suitable for customers across the Bio-medical Food Preparation, Laboratories, Liquid Nitrogen Handling and Pharmaceutical industries.

The Cryoskin material, glove and apron range have been developed by Elliotts to comply with the following international standards.

  • EN 511:1995 Convective Cold - Thermal Insulation Level 2
  • EN 344:1992 with NF EN511:1995 classification Level = 1
  • MR 019 Liquid Nitrogen - Liquid nitrogen immersion = Pass


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  • Extremely durable CryoSkin® outershell material
  • Excellent liquid nitrogen protection
  • Waterproof Porelle moisture barrier
  • Stitched with Twaron thread for extra durability
  • Polyester Fleece Lining
  • Gloves - Excellent grip and abrasion resistance, 406 mm long
  • Aprons - Adjustable quick release webbing, 1060mm long x 610mm wide



  • Bio-medical
  • Laboratories
  • Liquid Nitrogen Handling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Extreme Cold Handling


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