Firefighting Apparel Upgrade

Elliotts Structural Firefighting Construction Upgrade 

At Elliotts, we know that firefighters today face a broad range of extreme hazards including: high heat and flame, molten materials, hot surfaces, harsh physical environments and possible exposure to chemicals and blood borne pathogens. Elliotts range of protective clothing for firefighters offers protection against the physiological stress created through exposure to these kinds of environments.

Elliotts have introduced a new element to the existing Structural Firefighting Systems to add additional protection and increase the safety of the wearer. The thermal liner has been replaced with the latest T-Guard II Plus in the Nomex systems and T-Guard I Runner in the PBI Systems offering superior safety and wearer comfort. The only change that will be seen in the visual aspect of the suits is the liner is now a royal blue which was previously red.

Structural Firefighting Clothing Construction

Structural protective clothing is constructed of multiple layers of materials. Each material has a very specific purpose. Construction must include an Outer Shell and a Thermal Liner and can be constructed with or without a moisture barrier.

Outer Shell - PBI Gold and Nomex 3D

The outer shell is the wearer's first layer of defence. This layer, generally produced from woven fabrics, provides flame resistance, thermal resistance, and mechanical resistance (to cuts, snags, tears, and abrasion).

Moisture Barrier - Stedair 3000e

The moisture barrier is the middle layer of the three layer turnout composite and is constructed of moisture-resistant yet breathable film that is laminated to a substrate for stability. It protects the wearer and the garment's thermal liner from water, steam, moisture penetration, chemicals and blood borne pathogens. It also allows the outward passage of moisture vapor so that some of your body heat can escape.

The Australian standard AS 4967 allows the end user to chose whether to use a moisture barrier or not depending on their specific requirements.

Thermal Liner - T-Guard II Plus and T-Guard I Runner

The thermal liner is a vital part of a firefighter's protective clothing. The thermal liner is constructed of layers of flame-resistant, thermally insulative non-woven fabrics that are attached to a woven facecloth for stability and strength. It insulates the wearer from the effects of extreme heat encountered during structural fire fighting operations.

Safety Standards and Certification

Elliotts range of Structural and Wildland Protective Clothing for Firefighters are certified by SAI Global to either AS 4967 Protective clothing for firefighters Requirements and test methods for protective clothing used for structural firefighting and AS4824 Protective clothing for firefighters Requirements and test methods for protective clothing used for Wildland firefighting


Elliotts is an Australian based manufacturer and distributor of world-class quality safety gear servicing the Australasian market.  Elliotts take care to only supply quality protective clothing and equipment that protect people from harm on a daily basis. Products include protective clothing for fire fighters, hazmat, chemical splash, the metals industry, wet and cold weather and ArcFlash.  Products also include personal protective equipment from Pyramex and PureSport Hydration products.

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