FR Arc Rated Workwear Materials




Tencate Tecasafe Plus

Unbeatable Electric Arc Protection


TenCate Tecasafe® plus is an NFPA 70E compliant, comfortable, light-weight fabric with inherent heat and flame retardant properties, that provides durable and affordable electric arc protection to electricians, electrical contractors, and other professionals with potential exposure to electric arc flash.



Unbeatable Flash Fire Protection


TenCate Tecasafe® plus provides durable and affordable flash fire protection for workers in the petroleum, petrochemical, fire service, and other professionals that may be exposed to flash fire.



Unbeatable Bushfire/ Wildland Fire Protection


TenCate Tecasafe® plus is the latest fabric innovation for protection against the hazards of wildland firefighting. It combines inherent FR protection with unbeatable comfort and exceptional durability into a single garment.


Specially engineered, this is a light-weight fabric that still meets the rigorous standards of AS/NZS 4824.


TenCate Tecasafe® plus is engineered to provide unbeatable electric arc and flash fire protection that lasts longer than FR treated cotton fabrics. Tecasafe® plus is soft and lightweight fabric providing unmatched comfort. It is also comforting to know that Tecasafe® plus's inherent protection will never wash or wear out.


■   Inherently flame resistant FR properties are built in, and won't wash or wear out.


■   Exceeds NFPA 70E HRC 2 and NFPA 2112 performance standards.


■   Comfortable to wear Soft, flexible and breathable. Specially engineered to provide excellent moisture management properties that keep the wearer cooler by naturally wicking moisture away from the skin.


■   Exceptional durability Outstanding abrasion resistance and better strength retention after multiple commercial washes.


■   Excellent value Long life cycle and competitive price means lower cost of ownership.


■   High Visibility AS/NZS1906.4, ANSI 107 and CSA Z96 compliant.


■   Earth Friendly Made with Lenzing Tencel® environmentally friendly cellulose fibre.




Walls FR

Walls FR® materials incorporate patented flame resistant technology developed specifically to leverage the durability and endothermic properties of nylon for long wear life and improved flame protection. Walls FR® has changed the way people think about protective clothing, delivering comfort, protection and wear life never before thought possible in a single fabric. In fact, Walls FR® fabrics deliver the best protection combined with the lowest cost per wearing in the industry. Walls FR® now has added softness that delivers the full potential of cotton comfort.


Flame resistance is guaranteed for the life of the garment!


Walls FR® fabrics provide flame resistance that is guaranteed for the life of the garment without sacrificing the soft breathable comfort of cotton. The Walls FR® fabric is a blend of 88% cotton, with 12% high-tenacity nylon which provides extra garment durability.


Walls FR® is one of the only commercially available garment fabrics that can meet the NFPA70E Electric Arc Exposure Hazard Risk Categories 0, 1 & 2 as a single layer.





Walls FR® fabrics have Oeko-Tex Class II Certification.Fabrics tested according to the criteria for the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 guarantee that no substance is present which might be harmful to human health. Only products who comply with the very stringent requirements and who are constantly tested are awarded the Oeko-Tex certificate.







The Proban chemical is used to inpart a durable flame retardant treatment to cotton and other cellulosic fibres and blends. Durability is achieved by the formation of a cross-linked inert polymer within the fibre. Because there is no chemical reaction with the fibre, the physical properties of the base fabrics are largely unaffected.


The Proban process is used only by textile finishers licensed by Rhodia Limited and is usually applied to bulk fabrics before making up. The process is equally successful when applied to woven or knitted fabrics which may have a wide variety of weights and constructions.




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