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Sheepskin Leather Sweat Band (For Head Gear)

Soft Lambs Wool with holes to fit into headgear.

Sheepskin Leather Welding Sweat Band

Sweatband wool with Velcro attachment to the welding helmet.

Blue Max Chrome Leather Welder's Knee Pad - Strap & Buckle Closure

The Blue Max Chrome Leather Welder's Knee Pad with Strap and Buckle Closure is made from heavy-duty and fire resistant chrome split leather.

Blue Max Chrome Leather Welders Knee Pad - Quick Release

The Blue Max Chrome Leather Welder's Knee Pads with Quick Release Elastic / Hook-and-Loop closure. Made from heavy-duty and fire resistant chrome split leather.

E-Cool Vest - High Visibility Fluoro Yellow

The E-Cool® Vest has strategically placed E-Cool crystals which keep your upper body cool. The vest has a zip closure and elasticised sides and base to keep it close to ensure a close fit. Made from 100% polyester fabric.

MagnaShield® Aramid Arm Guard

MagnaShield® Kevlar® Arm Guards are manufactured using Woven Kevlar® fabrics which provide excellent contact heat and abrasion protection.

Chrome Leather Wrist Guards

Chrome Leather Wrist Guards. Designed to offer wrist protection when handling glass and other sharp materials. Durable and flame resistant, it also offers excellent protection from welding spatter and dross.

Bowyangs/Overboot Covers

Bowyangs/Overboot Covers keep the dirt and muck out of your boots, available in various colours and materials.

Knee Pads - Economy

Economy Work Knee Pads made with light weight high density foam. Equipped with straps and velcro closure

Detachable Hard Hat Brim

Detachable Hard Hat Brim available in various colours. Plastic brim maintains shape in wet weather. Available in Orange, Green, Navy Blue and Yellow

Straw Hat with Orange Band

Natural straw wide-brimmed hat with lined brim.

Big Jim Snake Leggings

Big Jim Snake Leggings are designed to protect workers in areas where snake bite is a possible threat such as forested growth worksites, wild grass areas, sugar cane and outback greenfield sites.

Shin Guard - Chrome Leather with Plastic Inserts

Chrome Leather Legging heavy duty plastic inserts. Velcro closure

E-Cool Bandanas

The E-Cool® bandana keeps your neck cool and thus your core temperature. Available in Navy Blue, High Vis Orange and High Vis Yellow.

E-Cool Cap - Navy Blue

The E-Cool® cap keeps your head cool and thus your core temperature.

Supported PVC Apron

The Elliotts Supported PVC Aprons is a durable, full-length PVC apron. Straight-forward to clean and giving good cover against splashes and spills, this classic bib apron features hemmed edging and ties. It is made from high quality PVC material which ensures safe and secure protection from spills.

Premium Professional Knee Pad

Premium Professional Knee Pad with Gel "Comfort Zones" and ABS knee cap. Elastic straps with hook and loop closure.

Fire Blankets

Elliotts Fire blanket is made from a fire-retardant fibreglass and comes in a durable silk screens red wall bag. It comes with clear instructions for use, so you know what to do in case of a fire.