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G-Flex Foam Nitrile Technical Safety Glove


Mec-Flex IMPACT X3 Full Finger Mechanics Glove.

Mec-Flex® IMPACT X3 is highly versatile full finger glove offering back of hand and finger protection with an impact and vibration absorption in the palm.

Mec-Flex Oiler XTR Mechanics Glove.

The Mec-Flex® Oiler XTR, when you need unstoppable grip and extreme top of hand protection. The Mec-Flex® Oiler XTR incorporates Hyde-Tex Grip, a synthetic leather with specially formulated non-slip silicon grip patterns to provide superior grip and comfort.

G-Flex Dynamax C5 T-Touch IMPACT Technical Safety Glove

The G-Flex® Dynamax® C5 IMPACT cut resistant safety gloves offer the highest cut level 5 protection while also allowing excellent grip on most surfaces including those with light oil.

G-Flex T-Touch IMPACT Technical Safety Glove.

The G-Flex T-Touch IMPACT technical safety glove incorporates the standard nylon liner and T-Touch coating with the added protection of the heat bonded K-Guard® TPR Exoskeleton Armour for top of hand protection.

Glove Grabba Max

ONLY BLACK AVAILABLE. The Glove Grabba®Max glove clip is a multi-functional tool that keeps your gloves handy while your work, while also improving your hand safety. Simply clip a Glove Grabba to your belt, waistband or directly onto your clothing.

Pro-Tech 8 Titan AU Structural Fire Gloves

Pro-Tech 8 Titan AU is the latest Pro-Tech 8 structural firefighting glove. The Titan AU model is certified by SAI Global to AS/NZS 2161.6:2014 Occupational protective gloves - Protective gloves for structural firefighting

Mec-Flex Oiler Pro C5 Mechanics Glove.

The Mec-Flex® Oiler Pro offers the next level of protection in the Oiler Series incorporating Hyde-Tex C5 which gives you the highest levels of Abrasion, Cut and Tear resistance.