How does an Arc Suppression Blanket work?

How does the Arc Suppression Blanket manages the Forces and Energies
of an Arc Explosion?


BlastMat Arc Suppression Blanket Testing


Testing has shown the following:


1) The process of ablation plays a significant role in the capability of the blanket to manage first the pressure wave and then the flame and heat flux that follows it. Each thin layer as it fails slows the progress of the energy surge allowing the next layer to survive.


2) Quilting of the various layers plays a significant role in the ablation process and creates a stronger blanket at a lower weight.


3) The effects of pressure wave in our controlled testing were revealed by showing the distance the blanket would distort as the amperage increased. There was little movement at up to 15KA, about a 4 inch distortion at 25KA, and at the 40KA the distortion was an incredible 18 inches. In one test, the center of a 1.5 inch diameter metal pipe bent out 4 inches.



BlastMat Arc Supression Blanket Construction


The BlastMat Arc Suppression Blanket is made in two configurations: A Light-Line style blanket of four layers that are used in 15KA, and 25KA applications and a Regular-Line style blanket of seven layers that is used in a 40KA application.


The construction is based on outer layers of Aramid blends that manage flame as well as dirt and other surface contamination and inner layers of specially treated Ballistic fabric. The combination of this Aramid system is quilted together with Aramid thread. The grommets are set into reinforced hems to accommodate the rated strapping and carabineers used to secure the blanket.



BlastMat Arc Suppression Blanket Construction Details

4-Layer BlastMat Arc Suppression Blanket



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