Meet the Team - Brad Hawkins

 Name: Brad Hawkins

Job Title: National Business Development Manager

Your role: The Greater part my role is to educate Elliott’s client base and the general public about the benefits of using the correct safety attire, in order to assist with achieving their safety and business objectives.

How long have you been working with Elliotts for? 3 YearsHow long have you been in the Safety/Manufacturing Industry for? 10 years total, 7 in the safety manufacturing industry

What’s the best aspect of your job? I’ve always been a problem solver, and so I receive the most satisfaction when my clients provide me their safety product problems to solve – the more challenging the better!  I think it’s the process of matching, or at times, even designing a product to meet a specific requirement that I find really rewarding.

What do you do when you’re not working?  I do have to admit that I enjoy a good game of golf with a few quite beers along the way.  It’s the perfect way to spend any day ending with “Y”!

What’s your favourite Elliotts Product? By far my favourite product would have to be the Elliotts Zetel® ArcSafe® ArcFlash Wet Weather jacket.  Arc flashes are becoming of increasing concern for many of our clients. Especially when combined with wet weather as maintaining safety procedures along with the ability to complete your task comfortably is requested time and time again.  For this reason I always recommend Elliotts Arc Flash wet weather jacket – it has been crafted to Elliotts highest quality standards, providing the wearer with the added benefits of waterproof, windproof and flame resistant properties, while protecting against electric arc hazards.

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