ONESuit Hazmat Materials



Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics' NFPA certified product line is recognised throughout the world for providing the highest level of comfort and protection available on the market.



Chemical Technology


The fluoropolymer barrier technology used in ONESuit Flash, ONESuit Gard, ONESuit Pro, ONESuit Shield and ONEGlove Hazmat provides unique properties that contribute to their superior protective qualities:


• One of the most chemically inert known polymers


• Proven to be an effective barrier against hundreds of industrial chemical and warfare agents


• Requires minimal off-gassing for decontamination or no off-gassing at all is required


• Maintains performance at very high 260OC (500F) and very low -51OC(-60F) temperatures


• UV resistant



CHALLENGE Composite Fabrics


Challenge composites are made of aramid fibres and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) films.


The PTFE is applied as a cast film providing an extremely uniform protective layer with extraordinary resistance to a broad range of chemicals and live agents resulting in a composite that is essentially chemically impermeable.


The material is easily decontaminable and offers other valuable properties, including static dissipation, low flammability and high/low operating temperature range. The aramid (NOMEX® and Kevlar) substrates are tear resistant, highly flexible, and lightweight.



Coretech Barrier Membrane


Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics builds on its advanced fabric technology with its Coretech® materials barrier membrane, integral to the new ONESuit® Pro and ONESuit Shield protective suits.


Coretech is a new flexible composite technology platform that enables high performance and cost-effective chemical barrier solutions for any safety needs. Developed through Saint-Gobain's expertise in fluoropolymer PTFE films and fabrics, Coretech represents a range of customised composite membranes to meet your toughest requirements.



Key Benefits found in Coretech and Challenge Composite fabrics


• Proven permeation resistance to more than 100 chemicals, including biological and chemical warfare agents


• Durable, Robust, Light weight and flexible


• Non-combustibility and flame resistance


• Easy to fabricate by "stitch and over-tape" or weld


• Wide range of temperature resistance


• Electrical properties (e.g. insulating or anti-static)


• Material available in range of colors and finishes


The ONESuit range is designed to make sure that every person who puts his or her life on the line to deal with spills, accidents and other dangerous situations understands the benefits, and the importance, of fully certified protection.


There's only one choice. ONESuit