Who is Solvay? 

Solvay is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of textile flame retardants. PROBAN® is ideal, wash durable flame retardant finish for cotton and cotton rich fabrics used for making protective clothing. 


What is PROBAN®? 

PROBAN® is a quality controlled technological process giving cotton and cotton rich textiles flame retardant properties that are durable for long term use. Flame retardancy is achieved by the formation of a cross-linked inert polymer within the fibre. Since there is no chemical reaction with the fibre, woven and knitted fabrics retain the aesthetic properties and benefits of natural cotton. 


PROBAN® durability 

PROBAN® fabrics are manufactured not only to protect the wearer from fire but to ensure they offer protection for the lifetime of the article. Part of the licensee agreement means fabrics are also tested for their wash durability. When caring for your PROBAN® treated articles avoid using chlorine bleaches, strong oxidizing agents. 


With PROBAN® your reputation is in safe hands. 

PROBAN® fabrics are manufactured on a strict quality controlled basis, through appointed licensed textile finishers, whom Solvay recognizes as having the necessary technical skills. 

Licensees submit representative samples from each production run to Solvay for limited flame spread testing carried out after extensive durability washing to ensure that each production run meets the high PROBAN® standards. 

If samples meet the appropriate requirements, test certificates are issued. Only garments or flame retardant fabrics that display genuine PROBAN® labels can guarantee protection. You and your workforce may be at risk if you don’t insist on the official PROBAN® brand. 


Performance and Standards 

Flame retardancy of the fabric meets the requirements of the following After 50 Wash and Dry Cycles (ISO 15797:2002 Procedure 3): 

  •  ISO 14116:2003 Limited Flame Spread Index 3 
  • ISO 11611:2007 Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes Para 6.7 
  • ISO 11612:2008 6.3 Protective clothing - Clothing to protect against heat and flame Para 6.3Flame 


Safety First 

The PROBAN® polymer has been included in the OEKO-TEX® list of approved chemicals. 

The PROBAN® fabric used in Elliotts products has been tested and passes OEKO-TEX® standard 100 ‘Confidence in Textiles’ which certifies the skin friendliness of the end articles. 

OEKO-TEX® testing for harmful substances always focus on the actual use of the textile: “The more intensive the skin contact of a product, the stricter the human ecological requirements to be met.






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