Protect Your Hands - Nitrile Gloves

Your hands are vital to your workplace, to be injured or worse; loose such a valuable and complex tool would be devastating. With a serious hand injury or the loss of your hands you would be unable to carry out the thousands of activities you take for granted today.

Nitrile gloves are a multipurpose glove that can be used across all industries and usually are designed for specific task for every thing from medical purposes through to heavy duty mechanical uses. 

Most nitrile gloves consist of a fabric glove base that is dipped in the Nitrile costing to offer higher protection. Dipping a knitted or woven cloth liner into a liquid compound such as PVC, nitrile or neoprene makes a nitrile "Supported" glove. The liner "supports" the coating and adds strength. 


Elliotts Nitrile "supported" gloves also provide chemical resistance to petrochemicals, oils, greases, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals while providing excellent flexibility and dexterity

Nitrile (Nitrile butadiene rubber,NBR), a synthetic rubber is used to make a variety of gloves from heavy duty work gloves to ultra thin medical gloves. A nitrile coating provides protection from physical hazards such as cut, puncture or abrasion

Foamed Nitrile
Porous nitrile coating absorbs oils better than flat coating. Provides excellent grip in oily or greasy applications while maintaining the cut, slash and abrasion resistance of a flat nitrile coating. The foamed nitrile coating absorbs oil and grease to ensure a firm grip.


Elliotts Nitrile glove range consists of gloves designed to perform in levels of industry from lightweight technical to heavty machinery and are ideal for applications in industries such as building, brewing, forestry, railways, metal fabrications, automotive assembly, and plastics processing

Lightweight Nitrile Gloves, ideal for handling abrasive objects that quickly abrade and wear out cotton gloves, such as wrought iron parts, brake shoes and others.

ELLGARD® Ultralite Safety Glove
Light duty yellow nitrile coating over a comfortable 100% cotton liner

ELLGARD® Lite Safety Glove
Tough medium duty blue nitrile coating over a comfortable 100% cotton liner

G-Flex® Foam Nitrile Technical Safety Glove
The G-Flex foam combines a lightweight foam coating on a seamless nylon liner.

G-Flex® Nitrile Safety Glove
The G-Flex® Nitrile safety glove combines a super lightweight nitrile on a seamless nylon liner.


Heavyweight Nitrile Gloves, ideal for handling abrasive materials such as castings, cores, extrusions, tubular steel, barbed wire, sheet metal, timber, plywood, concrete blocks, bricks and tiles.

ELLGARD®Max Knit Wrist Safety Glove
Tough heavy duty blue nitrile coating on a brushed jersey 100% cotton liner with a knit wrist.

ELLGARD® Max Safety Glove with Safety Cuff
Tough heavy duty blue nitrile coating on a brushed jersey 100% cotton liner with safety cuff.

ELLGARD®Vibra Plus 
Anti-Vibration Safety Glove heavy duty blue nitrile coating on a anti-vibration "Gelform" with a brushed jersey 100% cotton liner with a knit wrist.


Over 40 years of experience in taking care of your hands!
Elliotts is a leading provider of solutions for your hand protection problems. We have been engineering and manufacturing gloves since 1966. With over 40 years of research and development, and testing of new materials, we are regularly delivering innovative products and solutions to our customers. 

With 100's of styles of gloves and a team of glove experts to assist you, we will help you find the glove to take care of you, whatever the application

Research, development and testing!
The most common problems with hand protection is getting the balance right between levels of protection and dexterity. Usually higher levels of protection come at the expense of dexterity. We are constantly searching for the right combinations of materials to improve dexterity while giving better protection from heat, molten metal, spatter, cold, cuts, slashes, chemicals vibrations and many more.

Elliotts is an Australian based manufacturer and distributor of world-class quality safety gear servicing the Australasian market.  Elliotts take care to only supply quality protective clothing and equipment that protect people from harm on a daily basis. Products include protective clothing for fire fighters, hazmat, chemical splash, the metals industry, wet and cold weather and ArcFlash.  Products also include personal protective equipment from Pyramex and PureSport Hydration products. For more information visit