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Elliotts have been successfully designing, manufacturing and supplying Quality Safety Gear throughout the Australasian market for over 50 years. We consider ourselves leaders in providing world-class safety protection and being forward thinkers with a focus on innovation and quality. 


Our range of Arc Flash Clothing is cutting edge with the latest design improving wearer comfort and providing a greater range of movement and protection.


Arc flash safety apparel is critically important for keeping electrical workers safe. Arc flash accidents can cause serious injuries. The casualties resulting from these accidents are almost always devastating to the worker involved and to the worker's family. 

There are a few important arc flash switching protective clothing 'must-haves'. These are:

- Ensure that no skin is exposed

- Ensure that the pant legs (if not connected to boots) completely go down to the boot

- Ensure that the sleeves of the protective workwear go down to the hand, leaving none of the arm exposed. 

- Important, don't forget your head! Remember, the head is the most vulnerable part of the body. Don't forget to complete your arc flash protective clothing with suitable headgear of the same ATPV rating as the rest of the workwear plus high voltage gloves. 





The Elliotts ArcSafe Cat4 Arc Flash Clothing has been independently tested by High Current Laboratory of Kinectrics in Canada. 

The Elliotts ArcSafe Cat4 hood has been tested to ASTM F2178 and the garments are tested to ASTM F261 which required that the finished product be exposed to a level as close as possible to the arc rating of the fabric or system. 

The testing by an independent third party provided the wearer with the confidence that the hood or garment will provide the protection required in an arc flash event. 


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