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Big Jim Chainsaw Clothing and Gear logoWorking with outdoor tools especially chainsaws can be dangerous work. Professionals know that accidents can occur in seconds and that taking the precaution of wearing protective equipment and apparel is not only a smart move but one that could be the difference between a serious injury or even death.


Elliotts have an extensive range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Protective Clothing to take care of you while you work with chainsaws and other powerful outdoor tools and machinery. We have been manufacturing chainsaw chaps for over 30 years.


Big Jim Chainsaw clothing is available in trousers and several different designs of chaps. Each design is available in different outer shell materials such as heavy duty nylon or Proban FR Cotton.





ArborTex logoAll BigJim chainsaw protective clothing are made using Arbortex high performance chainsaw protective fabric. ArborTex chainsaw protective fabric is a lightweight and flexible high performance material that clogs and resists cutting.


Arbortex fabrics are layered into specially engineered protective pads that provide outstanding performance and protection. Upon contact with a chain saw chain, the fine filaments of the fabric are easily pulled and drawn into the chain saw to fill the moving parts of the chain saw. The multiple layers of ArborTex work by clogging and jamming the chain against the bar and sprocket.





Australian Standard seal
All Big Jim Chainsaw Clothing is certified by SAI Global to AS/NZS 4453.3 
Protective clothing for users of hand-held chainsaws - Protective legwear


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