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Elliotts: Recognised as Experts in Foundry Protective Clothing



Elliotts have been designing and manufacturing protective clothing for foundry workers since the 1960's. Australian based Design and Development Team are constantly creating new and bespoke garments utilising the latest in fabric technologies from around the world.


If one our standard products does not suit your needs, we can design and manufacture a bespoke garment that provides the protection you need.



Testing to International Standards


Foundries are very hazardous environments where protective clothing can mean the difference between keeping your workers safe, or potentially exposing them to serious injuring or death with untested clothing. Is your protective clothing up to standard?


Elliotts are committed to providing the best protective solutions that meet and exceed international industry standards. We have invested in testing our products externally by an independent test house to ensure our products are manufactured to meet the requirements of relevant Australian or International standards where possible.



Specialist Safety Advice


Our experienced Regional Managers can visit your site and assist in identifying what type of protection is the most suitable for your specific circumstances. We provide sample materials if required for you to conduct your own tests to help you select the most suitable fabrics combinations.


What is Foundry Work

   •  Learn about what a foundry is and the risks that workers face and why specialised protective clothing is so important.


Types of Protective Clothing

Foundry Jacket   •  Learn about the difference between Primary and Secondary Protective Clothing and what PPE should be used to protect workers in the foundry industry.



   •  Learn about ISO 11612 Protective clothing - Clothing to protect against heat and flame and the performance requirements for Convective Heat, Radiant Heat, Contact Heat and Molten Metal Splash.


Materials & Performance

   •  Learn about the specialised materials and fabrics used in Primary and Secondary Protective Clothing and their individual performance levels to ISO 11612.


Design & Performance

   •  Learn about garment design, protection, comfort and standards how they are combined to provide protection for different risks and threat levels.


Garment Design Options

   •  Learn about our specific garments designs from Jackets, smocks, trousers, leggings, hoods, helmet covers and gloves.



Storage and Care of Foundry PPE


To ensure PPE remains effective, regular maintenance and correct storage is required. Examples of how to controls the risks include:


  • •  Maintaining protective equipment and clothing provided to workers in a sound condition
  • •  Testing PPE routinely and checking it is capable of performing the protective functions for which it was provided
  • •  Training workers about how to use, care for and correctly fit the PPE
  • •  Ensure equipment and clothing is only worn by the worker to whom it was issued, and can be marked with the name of the worker
  • •  Providing clean storage for protective equipment and clothing
  • •  Maintain clothing and equipment when required and in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer or supplier


Protective clothing must be replaced when it is no longer capable of providing the necessary protection, for example when it is damaged or worn.



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