Welding Protective Clothing - Frequently Asked Questions



What is the difference between grain and split leather?


Proban High Visibility Welding Jacket with Chrome Leather SleevesAn animal hide is generally very thick and is split into two or more usable layers. The grain split or layer is the outermost external layer where the hair was and is usually smooth and shiny. Grain leather is considered the the most durable and usually more expensive. The split layer is the inner most layer and has a suede feel. It is commonly used for welding clothing and gloves and is the more economical layer.



What is a welted seam?


A welted seam is a seam with a thin piece of leather sewn into it. The welt strengthens the seam and offers additional protection for the seam and thread. Often a welt is used in the seam at the crotch of the thumb and the base of the finger in standard work gloves. Elliotts use welts extensively in our welding gloves.



Can I use Proban clothing for heavy duty welding?


Proban is an excellent material for light to medium welding operations. Proban offers a light weight, cool and breathable options ideal for very hot environments. Leather or a combination of leather and Proban are better suited to heavy duty welding.



Can I wash my Proban garments?


Yes, Proban is fully machine washable, please check the care instructions for more detail.



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