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Pyramex Safety Glasses



Pyramex Safety Glasses - Standards



All Pyramex Safety Eyewear is certified to Australian / New Zealand and other global safety standards for "Safety Eyewear" and "Protective Eyewear Protection".






Australian Standard  AS/NZS 1337 jklm,.hn.hvbkl,b 


Australian standard AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 (Personal eye protection - Eye and face protectors for occupational applications) for Medium Impact (the highest possible rating for safety eyewear in Australia).


The objective of this Standard is to provide tests and requirements for eye and face protectors to be used occupationally.



European Standard  CE EN166


Certain styles of Pyramex (Australia) Safety Eyewear are also certified to the European Standard CE EN166 Personal eye-protection  Specifications.


EN166 is the core European standard to which all PPE involved in protecting the eyes or face must be approved. Within the standard, there are numerous levels of compliance, depending on the end use of the piece of equipment in question.



American Standard  ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Impact


Canadian Standard - SEI Cert. Mod. - CAN/CSA Z94.3-07