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Safe Work Australia’s National Safe Work Month

This month is Safe Work Australia National Safe Work Month. The initiative is dedicated to encouraging individuals and workplaces to be involved in raising awareness of workplace health and safety. This year’s theme is Be safe. Be healthy. Because... – deliberately left open so you can add your own reasons for being safe and healthy at work.

Every year around 200 Australians lose their lives as a result of a work-related injury. In addition, Australian employees make an average of 120 000 serious workers’ compensation claims for injuries or illnesses involving one week or more off work each year. This equates to 330 serious claims made every day.


The team here at Elliotts took the time to reflect and came up with their own reason why workplace safety is important to them.


Michael – QLD Sales Manager 'Be Safe. Be Healthy. Because it affects more than you’

Mark  - WA Sales Manager 'Be safe. Be healthy. Because we all deserve to go home safely'

Brad – National Sales Manager ‘Be safe. Be healthy. Because the world wouldn’t cope without me!’


For over 50 years we have been dedicated to delivering innovative safety products, helping support safer workplaces and preventing workplace injuries.

Elliotts quality Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are proven on-the-job every day. They are specified routinely for and by workers in metal, petrochemical, mining, emergency services, construction, and other industries where hazards exists.

You can be completely confident that everything carrying our name can be relied on to take care, because we have taken the care to get it right.

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