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Selecting The Right TIG Welding Gloves

Selecting The Right TIG Welding Gloves

Featuring Elliotts New Additions to the TIG Mate Welding Gloves Range

In November 2017, Elliotts launched four new additions to the TigMate Welding Glove range. Elliotts is committed to providing quality safety gear to its customers, and the TigMate Welding glove range is a testimony to this statement. Each new glove was created because of an identified need within the Welding industry.

But which of Elliotts TigMate Welding Gloves is right for you? Let’s find out a little more about the range to help you decide…


TIG Mate Pro CR Welding GlovesThe TigMate Pro TIG Welding Glove is made from soft goat-skin leather for extra sensitivity and touch and has a fire-resistant fabric on the back of hand and cuff for additional heat resistance and breathability. The glove also has leather reinforced knuckle, finger walls and back of fingers, and a padded wear patch on the side of the palm. The TigMate Pro glove is available in four different sizes.


The TigMate Pro C5 TIG Welding Glove is our first TIG Welding Glove with Cut 5 protection. The glove has a Cut 5 resistant palm, fingers and thumb. Similar to our standard TigMate Pro glove, the C5 Glove has Fire Resistant fabric back of hand and cuff for additional heat resistance and breathability. Made with a soft goatskin leather palm, this premium glove offers a great balance between sensitivity, comfort and protection. 


TIG Mate RT Welding GlovesThe RT TIG Welding Glove is manufactured using soft goatskin on the palm for extra sensitivity and touch, and a gold split leather cuff. The glove also features a leather reinforced pull strip for ease of use and is available in four sizes.


The RX TIG Welding Glove is manufactured using soft goatskin leather on the palm for extra sensitivity and touch, and a black split leather for the cuff for extra protection where it’s needed. The glove has a shirred elastic back for a snug fit, a reinforced first and second finger back for extra heat resistance and is sewn using heat resistant Kevlar thread for additional durability.


TIG Mate Soft Touch Welding GlovesThe TigMate Welding Glove is made from top grain pigskin leather making it soft, breathable and comfortable. The glove provides optimal dexterity whilst providing the wearer with improved touch sensitivity. All seams are sewn with Kevlar thread to resist spares and improve durability.


The TigMate Soft Touch 380mm is an exact replica of the above mentioned TigMate Soft Touch 279mm glove, but with one big difference. The additional gauntlet length is there for those who require the additional protection.


Elliotts prides itself on being able to continually provide quality safety gear to its customers. The new TIGMATE gloves are no different with all four new gloves certified by SAI Global to: 

  • AS/NZS 2161.3:2005 - Occupational protective gloves Protection against mechanical risks and, 
  • AS/NZS 2161.4:1999 - Occupational Protective Gloves Protection Against Thermal Risks (Heat and Fire).


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Now that you’ve got a better idea of Elliotts’ TIG Welding Gloves, have you decided which gloves are best for you or your customers? Contact Elliotts if you need any more information – call us on 07 3265 2944 or visit our Contact PageSee our entire range of welding safety products - HERE.

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