Sun Protection for Outdoor Worksites

As the temperature and humidity rises into summer, outdoor workers face a growing risk heat and sun related safety issues. Keeping cool and shaded in the summer months can reduce the risks of these safety issues and increase the concentration of your working team.

Employers have a responsibility to minimise health and safety risks under section 20-2 of the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995.

For the hundreds of thousands of construction workers, farmers, lifeguards, security guards, police officers, fishermen, landscapers and gardeners summer heat and humidity is an unavoidable aspect of their workplace, but the following tips can help:

  • Rotate tasks in the direct sunlight between workers.
  • Use trees, buildings and other temporary shades as shelter
  • Avoid working near reflective materials
  • Keep your body core as cool as possible (See our E-Cool products)
  • Drink plenty of cool water.
  • Wear protective clothing (long sleeved, UPF-rated shirts).
  • Wear a broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses.

Elliotts have created a sun protection range of hats and helmet covers that provide shade and protection from the sun while allowing the head to receive airflow and remain as cool as possible.

Detachable Hard Hat Brim - Detachable Hard Hat Brim for extra Sun Protection. Made from durable cotton with excellent sun protection and neck flap, available in Green, Orange, Yellow and Navy Blue.

Straw Hat - Orange Band wide brim straw hat. Lined brim with Cord toggle, available in Sizes S,M,L and XL.

Canvas Broad Brim Hat - Canvas Broad Brim Hat in Navy, High Vis Orange and Canvas includes, Mesh side vents, Full brim, Cord with toggles available in Sizes M,L and XL.

The Elliotts Summer Protection range also includesE-cool clothing, Vector Shield insect repellent Clothing and Pyramex Safety Glasses. For more information visit

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