Technology to protect your eyes from workplace dangers

Dangers to your eyes in the workplace are not only limited to physical objects but also include UVA and UVB Rays in which long term exposure can cause permanent eye damage. Pyramex has invested heavily in the technology behind their safety range to ensure they offer the highest level of protection available in the market.

All Pyramex (AS/NZS 1337) lenses are made from high grade UV400 polycarbonate, providing 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. UV Ultra Violet rays from the sun can damage your eyes by contributing to cataracts, macular degeneration and growths on the eye including cancer.

UVB rays are the main concern for your eyes. Accordingto the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Long term exposure to UV radiation in sunlight is linked to eye disease. UVB radiation is considered more dangerous to eyes and skin than UVA radiation.

UVA rays are the primary ones absorbed by your eyes. While they pose far less concern than UVB, doctors still recommend that they be avoided. UVC rays are not a concern, as they are blocked by the atmosphere.
VLT Visible Light Transmission describes the amount of light that reaches your eyes through the lenses. Measured as a percentage, VLT is affected by the colour and thickness of your lenses, the material they're made of and the coatings that they have on them.

Pyramex Lens Polycarbonate Specifications
Polycarbonate is a soft material allowing it to absorb energy from impact without breaking or cracking. Polycarbonate (PC) material is used for 99% of all safety spectacles. It was originally developed for the aerospace industry used in windows for airplanes and in face shields for astronaut helmets. Polycarbonate offers good chemical resistance against diluted acids, alcohols, greases and oils. Anti-Scratch Coating

Due to the soft characteristics of polycarbonate, anti-scratch coatings are necessary to prevent scratches and provide resistance to abrasions. Anti-scratch coatings do not affect the optical characteristics of the lens.

Anti-Fog Treatment
Anti-fog coatings are permanent and offer additional scratch resistance. This treatment also provides anti-static protection. Pyramex's H2X anti-fog technology blocks out fog, mist, sweat and steam. With H2X, vision will remain optically clear in any weather element. H2X anti-fog, anti-scratch coating is bonded to the lenses, and will continue to be effective even after repeated cleanings. H2X technology is available in select models of Pyramex eyewear.

In addition the designs of Pyramex lenses the range also is available in multiple colour and protective lens types to suit all workplace applications:

CLEAR -General purposes for indoor applications that require impact protection.

GREY- Commonly used in outdoor applications. Offers protection from excessive glare.

AMBER- Commonly used in indoor, low light applications.Enhances contrast.

INDOOR / OUTDOOR MIRROR - Coated with a light gold mirror finish to reduce glare. Commonly used where it is required to move between indoor applications to outdoor applications.

SILVER MIRROR- Grey polycarbonate lens with silver mirror coating. Commonly used in outdoor applications. Reduces glare.

SKY RED MIRROR - Grey polycarbonate lens with a double layer of silver and red mirror coatings. Commonly used in outdoor applications.

ICE BLUE MIRROR- Grey polycarbonate lens with a double layer of silver and blue mirror coatings. Commonly used in outdoor applications.

3.0 IR FILTER- Commonly used around welding sites or for light brazing or cutting.

5.0 IR FILTER- Commonly used around welding sites or for medium to heavy cutting and medium to heavy gas welding.

Elliotts quality Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are proven on-the-job every day. They are specified routinely for and by workers in metal, petrochemical, mining, emergency services, construction and other industries where hazards exist. These reliable and popular products are part of a comprehensive range evolved over time and based on the common foundation of quality and care for which the company has built its reputation.

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